Pioneer benefits from specialist sports coaching within superb sports facilities. Curriculum learning is extended after-school with a major programme of sports options with a good mix of competitive and recreational choices.
Pioneers Language School

Sports Day
Sports has a special language that has the most effect on the formation of the young people mentally and physically. Therefore, the school is keen on allocating days for sports by holding the various competitions and spread the spirit of competition with honor in the hearts of our children.

Pioneers Language School

Sport Activities
The school administration is very interested in the sports aspect and believes in its role in building generations. Therefore, the school is keen on holding competitions in various games and honor the winning teams and the school thanks the Department of Physical Education for its influential role.

Pioneers Language School

Practicing sports daily leads to increase activity and vitality,

which has a positive effect on students to become more focused and responsive,

therefore the school administration is interested in organizing sports competitions

regularly among students.