Our Vision

The school’s vision is to be a vibrant international community offering an outstanding American-style education, focused on independent learning and the promotion of global citizenship

PL.S parents are our partners of success, as we all share with them thier common goals and perspectives for their offspring on all levels. Our vision is an integral facet Of PL.S Community with its direction of growth. A common understanding of the personal, Moral, intellectual, cultural and social aspirations for our students, allows us to align A.D. improvement efforts. PL.S school management empowers our academic staff to reach thier ambitious goals by inspiring a person for learning and offering opportunities to dream bigger.

Our guiding principles are seeking innovation, creativity And leadership along with instilling pure Egyptian identity elements in our students personality. Our vision for the future is to be the parents best choice in educational services we provide in Egypt. 

Our mission is to cultivate the potential in every student to flourish as a productive and responsible citizen. This is realized by mingling academic knowledge with actual day-to-day practices, as well as engaging our students in a myriad of intellectual, cultural and social curricular and extracurricular activities. Our school system will provide all students with safe and stimulating technological environment,and with a curriculum that is effective and rigorous and which recognizes diversity in students learning styles. 

Through our professional and highly motivated staff, in partnerships with partners, we will ensure that our students develop both the skills needed in rapidly changing society, and the competencies essential for success and leadership in local and global communities. This is hopefully to nurture, educate, and graduate critical thinkers, skillfully communicators, independent problem-solver, as well as career motivated Egyptian citizens.

P.L.S Head/Mrs. Dr. Amany Abdelfattah