Our Parents

We have a diverse community of pupils, parents and staff supporting the School and its students in many ways.

Dear PLS Parents & Students, 
It is with great pride that I welcome you to our PLS. Iam looking forward to the 2021-2022 School Year and the opportunity of working with each of you.
Our school objective is to help all students be successful. This takes place through our school culture that embraces the idea that individuals who are responsible and committed, will become our leaders. Meanwhile, students are expected to challenge themselves intellectually, guided by our highly qualified, supportive Administration and Academic Staff.
At PLS, we live by our clear commitment and core values such as morality and creativity, to achieve the highest standards. We strive to inspire students with passion for learning, and empower them to pursue their dreams confidently. Our academic and cultural environment associated with a myriad of rigorous programs are intended to pave the way to enhance our students with the 21st -century skills necessary to maximize thier potential as productive members of society and contributors to the global community.
Thank you