The Board of Directors comprises

PLS Governance:

Pioneers Language School
Dr. Farida Sherif
Chairman of the Board
Born in 1972 and gained the PHD on 1990 in a specialiation of ....
Pioneers Language School
MS. Yasmine Alaa
Graduated from the AUC since 2005 and joined school board on 2010
Pioneers Language School
Salma Hafez
Graduated from the GUC since 2007 and joined school board on 2012
Pioneers Language School
Jessica Brown
Secretary of the Board
Graduated from the Harvard since 2010 and joined school board on 2014

The constitution lays down the number of elected directors (nine) and defines their powers. BISS parents choose directors for their range of skills and experience that will help support the School. Board members bring helpful and wide-ranging knowledge as a consequence of their particular background. For example, the Chairman of the Board, Yasser Hashem, is also legal counsel to the British Ambassador to Egypt. All directors are deeply committed to the continued success of the school. Board members undergo governance training and receive safeguarding training in accordance with regulatory requirements.